What We Do

Fibertopic creates one tshirt each day, inspired by what is happening. We take today's "topics" and put them on "fibers". Each tshirt is on sale for 24 hours and then gone forever!

twitter + idea = fibertopic

Why We Do It

People make products and then build buzz. Could it be done the other way around? FiberTopic is the first company that is able to turn daily the most popular trends in social media into great products. And we do it for a good reason: FiberTopic is building a sustainable business that will support with donations entrepreneurs in developing countries and other social causes.

Our Team

We are social media fans who also love a good tshirt. We've got some Americans and Spaniards in here.

Quick Hits

  • Jose Luis Leiros
  • Riley Maguire
  • John Rueda
  • Minaya Serrano
  • Paco Pereira
  • Olivier Fritsch
  • Madrid, Spain

Contact Info

  • info@fibertopic.com
  • @FiberTopic




Fibertopic is proud
to be a social venture